April 15, 2011

Goes To MIPA Cup 2011

This year, Pahe (The King of Parsimonious) Futsal Team returned participate in the campus futsal competition organized by the BEMJ MIPA UIN Jakarta.

After the first phase of selection which was held on Thursday last week at the Fireball Futsal station, last thursday we continue the second phase selection futsal match in preparation in the event of MIPA Cup 2011. Selection is located in Zone Futsal station has been followed by the executives student and chaired by M. Sapta Sam as a coach and Danny Kurniawan as an assistant coach of Pahe. After a fairly tight selection phase, eventually selected 10 players who will competing there. They are Yudha, Yusdi, Uya, Dedian, Akbar, Fauzi and some other friends. Wait, me too. : D hehee Yups, I also get into the core team which will play next week's in MIPA Cup located in Student Center (SC) Futsal Station -UIN Jakarta.

PS: In this post, I also want to apologize as much as possible to Danny, because 2 weeks earlier in a first round selection, he got injured cuz of me. He was one of the best core players on the team Pahe. Really, I never intend to do that. It’s solely because of my carelessness and stupidity in a play. I have made her injuries and couldn’t follow the game later. I pray for your recover quickly and can play together with us again as usual. :|