April 10, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Tasya!

Other than writing about this, about how stupid I am. The days that made ​​me become upset and behave strangely.
Today I also have to be happy, I shouldn't be sad, not be upset! because today is my litte angel's birthday, she's Tasya. :D Oh my God, I don't thought she's getting older. But, I can't go home, cuz I have to attend training Oracle on last Saturday. So who came home is only my brothers, Zenal and my father.

You know, on his birthday present, Tasya celebrate her birthday with orphan children and her many friends at my home. She is so very good-hearted. I love it. : D hihii

I haven't been able to give a gift for Tasya, only a few small gifts to share with his friends. Don't worry honey, I promise will give a very large doll when I returned home later *if didn't forget*. I just pray for my little Tasya, hopefully you long life, staying healthy, more beautiful, smart, love to parents, and the most importantly...

Stupid Act That I Always Do

This is a post about things that are always the same. Stupid act that I always do in every month on 9. Same story with this or this one. Although, she had a different status today. This makes me more and more stupid. You know, I was very weak and down when it knows it.
So, I do not need to talk a lot.
Just wanna say...

Happy 8th Anniversary.
I still & always hope with you.