April 2, 2011

My New Saturday

I'm starting to learn at the new semester, I usually just learn until Friday. But now, on Saturday I have to keep going to class. This isn't a classroom lecture as usual. This is my addition classroom. And mean, I don't have a weekend now. :|

About a week ago, my best friend Gia, invited me to register on Oracle Training Scholarship from one of the companies that cooperate with my faculty, Faculty of Science & Technology - UIN Jakarta. Just a fad, I signed up. I have always wanted to learn about Oracle, but considering the cost of it is very expensive, one of my faculty said the cost of it is about 40 million/courses, and even there is 10 million for one meeting only. It's just one meeting! ckckckckk.. ^o^ Woow! I might need to sell my house for it maybe.

And a few days after that, I was invited to participate in the selection phase because the register quite a lot. I had no preparation at all, and I had not know the material to be used in that test. It's my problem.

And then the announcement of the student who pass the selection comes.
Oh my god, I never thought I could pass the test!! This is a miracle. I accepted and included in the list of Oracle Training with my friend Gia. Allhamdulillah, thank's God. Hopefully I can through it well and hopefully I get a new knowledge.