February 10, 2011

Happy 6th Anniversary

One day, i promise when celebrating the 6th anniversary, i'll celebrate with her.

This is my plan at the time.
I would invite her to eat and watch the movies at cinema wherever she wants, and of course give a gift. I thought to give a clothes that ever she wants when we walk in the Mall. Cuz i have always liked when she wore the shirt model. “You look so beautiful” :)
I also will give her chocolate cuz soon there will be a valentine's day. I never celebrate it together. When she wasn’t there for me first, I just made this, and acting stupid in the kitchen. ckckckk.
She also started working in the hospital became an co-ass doctor and certainly i wouldn’t be with her all the time. So, i have to make these meetings more memorable. :)

However, it looks like all my plans will not succeed.
I don’t know the status of our relationship at that time. I like hanging in this relationship. She just said that we just break. And i hope she will come back to me when the celebration of this anniversary.
Until one day she told me ...

Cuz we like to eat bread in Breadtalk, one day before the celebration, i bought some cakes from Breadtalk for tonight.
The cake which i bring in the photo is one of them. It’s was very small. I bought it cuz when we buy one, we will get one free. :D hihii I'm so poor. But no, i bought another kind she likes, one type of whole cake and several types of breads such as beef milano, d'diva & meet the cheese.
I was very busy that day.

The time comes. I lit a candle on top of sweet ivory and waited for her, until the wax was melted, she wasn't there.

Happy 6th anniversary.

I wish you were here. :(