November 25, 2011

Ikutan Free Online Class-nya Stanford University Yuk!

Stanford University offered three of their most popular computer science courses to the public this fall, online for FREE. The courses were so popular that Stanford’s doing it again in January (Spring 2012).

This group is concentrating on the online Stanford-class participants in Indonesia. But the group is also open publicly, anyone can join without exception.

Not only about the course of his discussion, we can also discuss about the application and development of new technologies. Also research fellows who want to share.

This time they’re offering 7 computer science courses:

Entrepreneurship courses:

No tuition, no textbooks, no set class times (students get a week to complete the assignments). The only downside is that you probably don’t have time to do them all.

I know which ones i’ll be signing up for, how about you? :D

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