March 10, 2011

Happy 7th Anniversary

This is the second time i was acting stupid.

Yups. Every month, on 9, i always commemorate and celebrate our anniversary. And you know what the facts?
She didn’t exist anymore here, and i celebrate it all by myself.

When the time will arrive soon, about 23:00 hours, i woke up from my sleep. Waited and waited for the turn of the night. It's a quiet atmosphere. I hope she’s here with me, but it’s so impossible.

When i paused and tried to remember her. Suddenly my mobilephone was ringing, it's sms tone. You know, i'm so glad and very very happy. Cuz i thought the sms came from her. I think she remembered this moment. I rushed to take the phone, and when i see...

OMG, it's not an sms from her. The sms came from my friends who ask the plan on campus tomorrow morning. I immediately became flagging. So, until the time comes, i'm alone here.

Lighting candles on a small cake and say: “Blow out the candle hunny, please?”
Until the wax is melted and then goes out, she never came.


Thank you so much for all my friend Spongebob, Patrick, Plankton, Gery, Sandy, Squidward & certainly for Mr.Krabs who has accompanied me celebrate last night. In this anniversary, I bought a small cake with spongebob and his friends on top of the cake from Holland Bakery. :)
I think, i'd like patrick, most ignorant people on the bikini bottom. Celebrate the anniversary of the which didn’t exist anymore.
I'm a very foolish person.

Happy 7th anniversary hunny.
I love you always, more than ever.

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justghust said... (Reply)

Gue sebagai sahabat lo dari kecil ampe segede gini, dan gue sebagai salah satu yang lo anggep paling tau lo..gue ucapin salut!! dan selamat!!
SALUT buat KESETIAAN Lo selama ini ke dia yang entah sekarang masih inget lo atau enggak..(Tapi gue yakin dia inget lo ko..Dia udah rugi gak bisa bareng lo..dan akan lebih rugi kalo dia ampe ngelupain lo.. :) )
SELAMAT...meski sekarang lo gak bareng dia..tapi lo pemenang,sob..SELAMAT!!
Entah menang dari apa..gue cuma yakin lo pemenang..
Hal kecil..lo pemenang medali emas persahabatan kita..dari dulu..gak ada yang bisa menggeser posisi lo dari gue...Selamat Sob.. *berharap gue juga begitu bagi lo.. :)

Kalo sekarang gue punya medalinya dan gue ada di hadapan lo..udah gue kalungin langsung tuh medali he he he

*Jangan berhenti nulis, jangan berhenti ngepost..tentang dia..atau yang lain..
Ada banyak mata yang selalu membaca cerita-cerita lo.. :)

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